Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or comment regarding on menu, entrées, nutrition facts, take-out, delivery, and any other service such as catering and special deliveries. You can reach us at any of the following:

Phone: (360) 892-2977

Email: peachandbrandcreative(at)gmail(dot)com


One comment

  1. Paige McKnight · October 3

    A Google User

    just now
    My recent visit into the “Lucky House” was far from lucky. In fact it was down right traumatizing. A group of friends and I went inside to order a drink and play the video poker machines and immediately one friend was kicked out because he had a certified service dog (which is illegal to do), then I was told to leave because my id was through Washington state for employment not the dmv, and told my other friend to leave as well.. One remained inside and when she looked into the parking lot and seem us waiting on him two minutes later she kicked him out as well telling him his money is no good there. Upon entering the building we were targeted, labeled as I’m not sure what but whatever it was its not us and it was down right embarrassing getting treated so poorly when I am a honest productive member of society and in no way shape or form deserve to be belittled and bullied like I was. Im still in shock that you would allow a worker to treat paying costumers in this fashion. I will most deff not spend another dime here

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